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Tarawee Quraan Katham 29th Wednesday 2016


Dear brothers,

We are unfortunately at the last leg of Ramadan.

Wednesday Inshaallah after Taraweeh  we would like to invite you all to the Memon Centre for our khatme quran and a short bayan by Maulana Mohamed Sindhi and after food will be served.

All brothers  welcome to bring your friends too.


Khatam-Al-Quraan Programme 11th July 2015


Dear Brothers,

This Saturday 11th July 2015 from 10:45pm, you are all invited for the Khatam-al-Quraan programme taking place at our Memon Association Leicester most known as Memon Centre.

After the Taraweeh a short bayan will be performed by our Maulana Riaz Gora, following with a duua.

Right after dinner/Sehri will be served.

Everyone is invited, so please bring your friends and family along.


WMO Ramadaan Zakat Appeal 2015

11th June 2015– 17th Shaban1436

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Assalaam-u-Alaikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatahu, Ramadaan Mubarak

With the holy month of Ramadhan quickly approaching, we pray to Allah SWT that he grant us all the best of health in order that we can fulfil our fasting obligation and earn the maximum rewards in this blessed month.  It is narrated that the month of Ramadhan is a gift for all mankind, this is the month where good deeds are multiplied in reward, and Allah has promised this to be a month of salvation from Hell fire and the reward of Paradise.

Like Fasting, Zakat is also another pillar of Islam. Donations in any form whether it be Zakat, Sadaqah or Lillah will be the vehicle to alleviate poverty in the Memon community worldwide.

Last Ramadhan we sent out a similar letter and approached many of you in person for your generous donations. By the grace of Almighty many of you responded positively and gave your Zakat to World Memon Organisation (WMO). Some of you promised to do so from this year. We need to ensure that every one of us gives part of our Zakat to WMO. It is our firm belief that if every member of our community worldwide provides part of their Zakat to WMO we can collectively alleviate the sufferings of the underprivileged members of our community.

We would like to remind you all of the noble work carried out by The World Memon Organisation (WMO). Over the past ten years WMO collected and redistributed over $33 million to educational, rehabilitation and relief projects around the globe, mainly concentrating on assisting Memon families in Pakistan & India.

The WMO is an international organisation serving the Memon community and humanity at large. The Europe Chapter is part of WMO and we have a commitment to raise a minimum of $400,000, towards a global target of $4.5 million. We therefore humbly request you to please dispense part of your Zakat to the WMO.

We are pleased to report that the office bearers of WMO personally visited Pakistan and India last month in order to see for themselves the work that is happening and to ensure that there is full compliance on the projects being undertaken.

Please see below some of the projects undertaken by WMO in India and Pakistan.

Education for All
Currently, around 10,000 students are benefiting from this scheme. A sum of US $ 1.2 million has been earmarked for the current year 2015-16 for Education up to Intermediate Level.

WMO Scholarships for Higher & Professional Education
The WMO is providing financial support to needy students to pursue higher and professional education in various fields. Currently 1,048 students are receiving assistance from WMO.

WMO Rehabilitation Scheme
The WMO Rehabilitation Scheme was started in the year 2004. Over 2,000 families are receiving financial assistance for acquiring flats/houses. For the year 2015, WMO needs an amount of US $1 million for the Rehabilitation Scheme.

The Memon Industrial & Technical Institute (MITI)
MITI was inaugurated on 31st May 2009. At present, more than 18,000 students (12,000 females and 6,000 males) are being trained in over 50 different technical, vocational and I.T. courses. Since inception, a total of around 50,000 students have been trained.  MITI has been approved as a City & Guilds International Centre.

The Memon Medical Institute (MMI)
MMI was inaugurated in 2010, with the assistance of WMO. This is a 332 bed tertiary care hospital project with state-of-the-art infrastructure that is designed according to international standards. It is a not for profit set up. It is a 100% donor funded project that aims to serve people regardless of their caste, creed, color, religion or ability to pay. It has a Patients’ Welfare Program to support the needy.The hospital has a covered area of 320, 000 sq. ft. It is centrally air conditioned and designed to meet International Standards. It has 100% self power generation. Nursing School, Medical College and Research Institute are planned on 11.5 acres.

WMO Rozgar & Micro Finance Schemes
WMO has distributed under the Rozgar Scheme 58 Auto Rickshaws and 481 Sewing Machines, at a cost of US $138,812 to needy families to enable them to earn a decent livelihood. Through WMO Micro Finance Scheme, small loans are given to small entrepreneurs to help them advance their small businesses.

WMO Memon Census Project
The importance of Census of the Memon Community worldwide is much needed. This will help us to plan for healthcare, education, rehabilitation, etc. WMO in Pakistan has so far collected data of 38,560 families (170,185 individuals), which is estimated to be 25% of the total Memon population residing in Pakistan.

We would once again humbly request your support in raising these much needed funds. May Almighty Allah bestow all His Bounties & Blessings on you and reward you and your near and dear ones abundantly in this world and hereafter. We pray that the last few days of this beautiful month bring you lots of barakah and blessing, and may we be amongst the fortunate ones to have attained Allah’s pleasure in this month.

Please send and address all donations for the attention of

Waseem Y Adil                                                 Osman Sacranie
Regional Treasurer                OR                      Memon Centre
WMO Europe Chapter                                      7 Abbotsford Road
Memon Centre                                                 Leicester LE5 4DA
3 Weir Road
London SW12 8UW Tel: 07888 728 043

Please make all cheques payable to:  WMO CF. (World Memon Organisation Charitable Foundation Charity No 1101413)

Monies can also be paid direct into our WMO CF bank account at Habib Bank AG Zurich A/C no:  19103231 sorting code:   60-95-49.

On behalf of everyone at The World Memon Organisation we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Ramadhan Mubarak.

With Kindest Salaams,

Sikander Sattar                  Hanif Osman                            Farouk Alimohamed
Vice President                    Chairman                                 Chairman
WMO Europe Chapter     Memon Association UK         Memon Association
UK                                        London                                      Leicester


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